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Means, Motive and Opportunity (WHO, WHY and HOW)

"I walk you through the problem of tyranny, share primary evidence and root causes, and introduce you to a plethora of solutions through the cornucopia of content in this presentation." -Richard Grove, Forensic Historian Host of the Grand Theft World Podcast

1. Richard’s Anarchapulco 2022 Presentation
2. Richard’s “Ultimate History Lesson w/ John Taylor Gatto”
3. A link to Richard’s “History Blueprint” brain model
4. “Toward A New World Order” by George Soros (1993) pdf
5. Global Strategic Trends Summary 2040
6. DARPA Drastic Daszak Documents
7. Access to Richard’s “Slow Your Scroll” vlog series on Self Reliance
8. 1 month FREE Subscription to the Grand Theft World Podcast

Wait there's more:

  • History of "Who Are They?" who seek a New World Order | Primary Sources for Globalism 

  • How to Learn Anything | The Trivium Method of Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

  • How to Organize Anything | The History Blueprint using The Brain software

  • How to OutGrow Your Status Quo | The AUTONOMY training course for Success

  • How to Level-Up Your Business | Autonomy Unlimited Digital Marketing Agency

  • How to Take Your Offer to Market | The Autonomy Agora Marketplace

  • How to Filter Out Toxic News Media | The Grand Theft World Podcast

What People Are Saying:

-on "Global Strategic Trends Summary 2040" "The differences between state, state-sponsored and non-state adversaries will blur. The range of threats will diversify, as technology and innovation opens up novel avenues of attack and adaptive adversaries exploit opportunities." pg.16 Thank you Richard & Team for serving up some real information and real solutions. I'm so grateful to have found my way here. It is (has been) enlightening, to say the least.

Heather Gates

-on "The Underground History of America | Richard Grove w/ Foster Gamble" Truly, with all my heart, I thank you so much for this. Since embarking on this “truth journey”, it’s been like blowing on a dandelion puff, and I can’t chase down all the fragments to formulate something concise. Not for myself; I could chase the fragments around forever & be content! But for my teens - I only have a few years of homeschool left, and I want to upend every history curriculum I’ve ever encountered and engage them with THIS, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to corral all my dandelion fragments into something linear and manageable. I’m in awe of your ability to do so, and I hope to incorporate it into our own home education!


-on "Creating a World Independent of Tyranny" Sincerely grateful for your work. Professional, thoughtful, educational, and inspirational. Thank you for sharing these resources. The value is clear and your generosity is highly appreciated.

Mr. E. Hunter

-on "Creating a World Independent of Tyranny" This is such a Rich Blessing, forget dave ramsey, this is how you change your family tree's future !! By Learning something !! I'm using the brain model right now, hmm, "lets see gchq, for 200 Alex"


-on "Access to Richards Grove Brain Model" I have done many decades of my own research. This HISTORY BLUEPRINT may help. me add structure to, while expanding, my own constellation mapping of evidence.

David Allan